14th Czech and Slovak International Conference on Number Theory

Liptovský Ján, September 6-10, 1999

Institute of Mathematics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Bratislava
Department of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences, Masaryk's University, Brno
Department of Mathematics, University of Ostrava
Department of Mathematical Analysis, Charles University, Prague
Department of Mathematics, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague

Final Announcement

The 14th Czech & Slovak International Number Theory Conference will take place in Hotel Dumbier in Liptovsky Jan, a small town approximately 10 km from Liptovsky Mikulas, a cultural and economical centre of former Slovak northern district Liptov. The hotel is on the entrance point to the Janska Valley, one of the most beautiful places of Low Tatras, at the foot of the highest mountain of Low Tatras -- Dumbier. Moreover, High Tatras are only 30 minutes by car.

The conference will cover the broad spectrum of topics of elementary, analytical and algebraic number theory and its applications and special section on cryptology.

The conference will begin on Monday, September 6 and will last till Friday, September 10. One afternoon (depending on the weather) is supposed to be free for those willing to make a longer hiking trip to the mountains.

We plan the sessions in the morning (9:00 -- 12:00) and in the afternoon from 15:00 till 18:00 (16:00 -- 19:00) with 45 minutes lectures or 20 minutes talks. The program will be finalized during the conference according to the time possibilities and lecturers requirements.

Preliminary list of participants.
V. Abrashkin (Moscow)
T. Agoh (Tokyo)
Y. Bugeaud (Strasbourg)
A. Berczes (Debrecen)
V. Beresnevich (Minsk)
B. Brindza (Debrecen)
T. Browning (Oxford)
M. Bulant (Brno)
Y. Chebrakov (Sankt-Petersburg)
A. Czogala (Katowice)
J. Cizek (Plzen)
Z. Divisova (Ostrava)
A. Dujella (Zagreb)
A. Escassut (Beaumont)
P. Fibinger (Ostrava)
P. Fuchs (Brno)
I. Gaal (Debrecen)
G. Grekos (Saint-Etienne)
O. Grosek (Bratislava)
K. Gyory (Debrecen)
K. Haberland (Jena)
J. Hancl (Ostrava)
W. Hassler (Graz)
T. Jackson (York)
S. Jakubec (Bratislava)
A. Kalapodi (Patras)
A. A. Karacuba (Moscow)
H. Koch (Berlin)
A. Komzik (Nitra)
A. Kontolatou (Patras)
P. Koprowski (Katowice)
J. Kostra (Ostrava)
E. Kovalevskaya (Minsk)
J. Krempa (Warszawa)
R. Kucera (Brno)
M. Lassak (Bratislava)
F. Lemmermeyer (Saarbrucken)
S. Louboutin (Caen)
F. Luca (Bielefeld)
J. Mockor (Ostrava)
M. Nakajima (Kagoshima)
W. Narkiewicz (Wroclaw)
J. Nekovar (Cambridge)
K. Nemoga (Bratislava)
B. Novak (Prague)
M. B. Novikov (Sankt-Petersburg)
W. Nowak (Wien)
M. Pasteka (Ostrava)
A. Paszkiewicz (Warszawa)
A. Pethoe (Debrecen)
S. Porubsky (Prague)
A. Rotkiewicz (Warszawa)
L. Satko (Bratislava)
T. Slalat (Bratislava)
A. Schinzel (Warszawa)
J. Seibert (Hradec Kralove)
V. Shmagin (Sankt-Petersburg)
L. Skula (Brno)
A. Sladek (Katowice)
I. Slavutskii (Akko)
L. Somer (Durham)
O. Strauch (Bratislava)
L. Szalay (Sopron)
K. Szymiczek (Katowice)
T. Salat (Bratislava)
D. Tolev (Plovdiv)
J. Toth (Nitra)
P. Trojovsky (Hradec Kralove)
G. Walsh (Ottawa)
W. Wieslaw (Wroclaw)

Forgive me, please, some mistakes or possibility of omitting of some participants.

Extended abstracts.
We plan to print the abstracts of talks and lectures (up to one page per talk) in advance. If you will make the abstract available to the participants of the conference, send it before August 15, 1995 please.

We plan to publish the contributed talks (after refereeing) in a Proceedings published in our Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications (Proceedings of the 12th Conference is Volume 11).

Registration fee.
Registration fee is 100 DEM. There is no registration fee for accompanying persons. The registration fee covers the costs of the conference including the proceedings of the conference.

Board and logging.
The price of one single room plus full day meal is 40 DEM per day. The price for place in double plus meal is 32 DEM per day. It is possible to pay cash in Sk, Kc, USD, DEM, ATS, CHF, ...

It is possible to make payments in advance. In such case, please, make your payment by bank transfer to the bank account of the Mathematical Institute (Stefanikova 49, 814 73 Bratislava, Slovakia), account No. 35-56228-012/0720, VS 0409 in National bank of Slovakia, Tomasikova 28A, 82009 Bratislava, Slovakia.

Accompanying persons are heartily welcomed.

How to get there.
As mentioned above, Hotel Dumbier is on the entrance point to the Janska Valley (Janska dolina in Slovak). The hotel is at the end of the Liptovsky Jan.

You can reach the place of the conference by car using the highway (see copy of the map enclosed). In the direction from Bratislava exit into Liptovsky Jan after Liptovsky Mikulas. In the direction from Poprad exit into Liptovsky Jan after Liptovsky Hradok. Here the exit into Liptovsky Jan is after the long highway bridge.

By train: you will travel to the Liptovsky Mikulas. In front of the railway station there is the bus terminal. Take only those buses direction Liptovsky Jan stopping at the hotel Dumbier. Be careful, there are buses going through Liptovsky Jan but not stopping at the hotel Dumbier and having the closest stop app. 3 km from the hotel. We will wait at the railway station at the arrivals of the most expected trains to fetch you to the hotel by car. In other case or if you need our help call the Hotel \v Dumbier and we send a car for you. The telephone number to the hotel is 5263 233 or 5263 232. Outside of Liptovsky Milukas use the prefix code of Liptovsky Mikulas 0844. Mobile telephone of Karol Nemoga +42 903 408 430.

You can also see map (65K jpg)

Some trains to Liptovský Mikuláš, coaches from Vienna to Bratislava

Railroad timetable available at http://idos.datis.cdrail.cz

Coaches timetable available at http://www.sad.sk

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E-mail: nemoga@mat.savba.sk