Book Project

Surgery Theory: Foundations

Diarmuid Crowley, Wolfgang Lück, Tibor Macko

This is a webpage for our book project on surgery theory.

The book is under construction. The chapters 1-8 are already in a reasonable shape. The subsequent chapters are very preliminary. At the moment the material is to be used at own risk. 

Current version is from November 7th, 2018. It is a major update from the previous version from 2015. The chapters have been reorganised and renumbered and a substantial amount of material has been added. It includes a new treatment of Poincare duality, of the Spivak normal fibration, of what we call intrinsic surgery obstructions which are related to Poincare duality with local coefficient systems and a revision of both chapters about surgery obstructions (even and odd case). The old version is kept online for comparison.

Comments are welcome per email to any of us!


Surgery Book (11-2018)

Surgery Book (09-2015)