A micro-controller implementation of a Fialka M-125 based stream cipher

Eugen Antal, Viliam Hromada


In 2013, a new stream cipher was proposed in [5]. Its design was
inspired and motivated by a Soviet encryption machine Fialka M-125. The au-
thors proposed three versions of the cipher with dierent inner state bit-lengths.
They provided the design, software implementation on a personal computer and
a preliminary statistical and performance analysis of the cipher.
In this article we extend their work by implementing all three versions of
the cipher on two dierent micro-controllers: EBV SoCrates evaluation board [2]
and STM32F407VG [3]. We evaluate the performance of all implementations on
both platforms. We also investigate the possibilities of performing a simple power
analysis of the implementation of the 8-bit version of the cipher implemented on
STM32F407VG micro-controller. It stems from our experiments that we are able
to determine a part of the secret key of the cipher by observing the power trace
(power consumption) of the encryption/decryption process.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/tatra.v60i0.350