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Vol 63 (2015): Differential and Difference Equations and Applications Asymptotic stability of a full term linear difference equation with two parameters Abstract   PDF
Petr Tomášek
Vol 83 (2023): Algebra, Number Theory and their Applications AUTOMATED FINITE ELEMENT SOLUTION OF DIFFUSION MODELS FOR IMAGE DENOISING Abstract
Abderrazzak Boufala, El Mostafa Kalmoun
Vol 82 (2022): Number Theory and Cryptology '22 Automated transcription of historical encrypted manuscripts Abstract
Eugen Antal, Pavol Marák
Vol 65 (2016): Real Functions '15 - Measure Theory, Real Functions, General Topology Average operators on rectangular Herz spaces Abstract   PDF
Carolina Espinoza-Villalva, Martha Guzman-Partida
Vol 75 (2020): Applied Mathematics '19 Bayesian estimate of parameters for ARMA model forecasting Abstract   PDF
Zul - Amry
Vol 43 (2009): Differential and Difference Equations and Applications '08 Boundedness and oscillation of third order neutral differential equations Abstract   PDF
Božena Mihalíková, Eva Kostiková
Vol 49 (2011): Real Functions '10 Measures, Topology, Integration, Bernstein Approximation Brooks-Jewett-type theorems for the pointwise ideal convergence of measures with values in (l)-groups Abstract   PDF
Antonio Boccuto, Xenofon Dimitriou, Nikolas Papanastassiou
Vol 59 (2014): Number Theory '14 Calculating power integral bases by solving relative Thue equations Abstract   PDF
István Gaál, László Remete, Tímea Szabó
Vol 43 (2009): Differential and Difference Equations and Applications '08 Can business cycles arise in a two-regional model with fixed exchange rates? Abstract   PDF
Peter Maličký, Rudolf Zimka
Vol 44 (2009): Real Functions '08 Functional Equations, Measures, Integration and Harmonic Analysis Cauchy functional equation and generalized continuity Abstract   PDF
Pavel Kostyrko
Vol 53 (2012): TatraCrypt '12 CCA-secure key encapsulation mechanism based on factoring assumption Abstract   PDF
Gyöngyvér Márton
Vol 77 (2020): Number Theory and Cryptology '20 Central limit theorem and the distribution of sequences Abstract   PDF
Milan Paštéka
Vol 58 (2014): Real Functions '13 — Real Functions, Topology, Real and Functional Analysis, Locally Convex Spaces Cerone's generalizations of Steffensen's inequality Abstract   PDF
Josip Pečarić, Anamarija Perušić, Ksenija Smoljak
Vol 79 (2021): Advances and Applications in Dynamical Systems Certain singular distributions and fractals Abstract
Symon Serbenyuk
Vol 64 (2015): Number Theory and Cryptology '15 Closure theories of powerset theories Abstract   PDF
Jiří Močkoř
Vol 83 (2023): Algebra, Number Theory and their Applications Commutativity theorems and projection on center of a Banach algebra Abstract
Mohamed MOUMEN, Lahcen Taoufiq
Vol 78 (2021): Real Functions '20 Compactness of multiplication operators on Riesz bounded variation spaces Abstract
Martha Guzmán-Partida
Vol 72 (2018): Applied Mathematics Comparative assessment of the Image Divide and Link Algorithm in different color spaces Abstract
Carely Guada, Daniel Gómez, J. Tinguaro Rodríguez, Javier Montero
Vol 68 (2017): Real Functions '16 Comparison of some families of real functions in algebraic terms Abstract   PDF
Małgorzata Filipczak, Gertruda Ivanova
Vol 65 (2016): Real Functions '15 - Measure Theory, Real Functions, General Topology Comparison of some subfamilies of functions having the Baire property Abstract   PDF
Gertruda Ivanova, Aleksandra Karasińska, Elżbieta Wagner-Bojakowska
Vol 76 (2020): Real Functions, Dynamical Systems and their Applications Compositions of $\varrho$-lower continuous functions Abstract   PDF
Anna Kamińska, Stanisław Kowalczyk, Małgorzata Turowska
Vol 72 (2018): Applied Mathematics Computation of definite integral over repeated integral Abstract
Katarína Tvrdá, Mária Minárová
Vol 54 (2013): Differential and Difference Equations '2012 Conditions for factorization of linear differential-difference equations Abstract   PDF
Klara R. Janglajew, Kim Galjamovich Valeev
Vol 66 (2016): Applied Mathematics Conjunction and disjunction based fuzzy interval orders in aggregation process Abstract
Urszula Bentkowska, Anna Król, Bernard De Baets
Vol 70 (2017): Number Theory and Cryptology 2017 Connecting the complexity of MQ-and code-based cryptosystems Abstract
Pavol Zajac
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