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Vol 51 (2012): Probastat '11. Detection of non-affine shape outliers for matched-pair shape data Abstract
Stanislav Katina
Vol 50 (2011): Applied Mathematics and Informatics. Deterministic models and identification of their parameters Abstract
Václav Pink
Vol 69 (2017): Applied Mathematics 2017 Differential representation of a Samuelson model with a telegraph drift Abstract
Serhij Anatolijowycz Melnyk, Anna Kharkhota
Vol 43 (2009): Differential and Difference Equations and Applications '08 Discrete-time Cohen-Grossberg neural networks with transmission delays and impulses Abstract   PDF
Sannay Mohamad, Haydar Akça, Valery Covachev
Vol 64 (2015): Number Theory and Cryptology '15 Distribution functions of ratio sequences. An expository paper Abstract
Oto Strauch
Vol 63 (2015): Differential and Difference Equations and Applications Dynamical equivalence of impulsive quasilinear equations Abstract
Andrejs Reinfelds, Dzintra Šteinberga
2020: Applied Mathematics '19 Efficient 3D shape registration by using distance maps and stochastic gradient descent method Abstract
Polycarp Omondi Okock, Jozef Urban, Karol Mikula
Vol 67 (2016): Number theory and Cryptology '16 Efficient secure matrix multiplication over LWE-based homomorphic encryption Abstract
Dung Hoang Duong, Pradeep Kumar Mishra, Masaya Yasuda
Vol 63 (2015): Differential and Difference Equations and Applications Eigenvalue problem for the weighted $p$-Laplacian Abstract
Ewa Szlachtowska, Dominik Mielczarek
Vol 65 (2016): Real Functions '15 - Measure Theory, Real Functions, General Topology Equi-cliquishness and the Hahn property Abstract
Vasiľ Nesterenko
Vol 45 (2010): NILCRYPT '10 Error-correcting codes and Minkowski's conjecturre Abstract
Peter Horák
2020: Applied Mathematics '19 Estimating the domestic short rate in a convergence model of interest rates Abstract
Zuzana Bučková, Zuzana Girová, Beáta Stehlíková
Vol 61 (2014): Applied Mathematics '14 Estimating the short rate from the term structures in the Vasicek model Abstract
Jana Halgašová, Beáta Stehlíková, Zuzana Bučková
Vol 51 (2012): Probastat '11. Estimation of MA(1) model based on rounded data Abstract
Meihui Guo, Gen-Liang Li
Vol 70 (2017): Number Theory and Cryptology 2017 Evolutionary computation in cryptanalysis of classical ciphers Abstract
Eugen Antal, Martin Eliáš
Vol 43 (2009): Differential and Difference Equations and Applications '08 Existence of asymptotically periodic solutions of scalar Volterra difference equations Abstract   PDF
Josef Diblík, Miroslava Růžičková, Ewa Schmeidel
Vol 46 (2010): Real Functions '09 Measures, Integration, Harmonic Analysis, Topology and Mathematical Economics Existence of continuous utility functions for arbitrary binary relations: some sufficient conditions Abstract
Gianni Bosi, Alessandro Caterino, Rita Ceppitelli
Vol 71 (2018): CDDEA '17 Existence of positive bounded solutions of system of three dynamic equations with neutral term on time scales Abstract
Urszula Ostaszewska, Ewa Schmeidel, Małgorzata Zdanowicz
Vol 43 (2009): Differential and Difference Equations and Applications '08 Existence of positive solutions of deay diffetential equations Abstract   PDF
Božena Dorociaková, Rudolf Olach
Vol 53 (2012): TatraCrypt '12 Experiments with the plaintext space in Gentry’s somewhat homomorphic scheme Abstract
Michal Mikuš
Vol 63 (2015): Differential and Difference Equations and Applications Extension of the example by Moore – Nehari Abstract
Armands Gritsans, Felix Sadyrbaev
Vol 67 (2016): Number theory and Cryptology '16 Fingerprint recognition system using artificial neural network as feature extractor: design and performance evaluation Abstract
Pavol Marák, Alexander Hambalík
2020: Applied Mathematics '19 Finite volume scheme for AMSS model Abstract
Angela Handlovičová
Vol 47 (2010): CECC '09. Formal analysis of security protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract   PDF
Marián Novotný
Vol 56 (2013): Number Theory 2012 Four decades of Czech and Slovak number theory conferences Abstract
Štefan Porubský
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