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Vol 77 (2020): Number Theory and Cryptology '20 Towards a combination of discriminative power of fingerprints and finger vein patterns in multimodal biometric system Abstract   PDF
Ivan Kováč, Pavol Marák
Vol 53 (2012): TatraCrypt '12 Towards provable security of Rijndael-like SPN ciphers against differential attacks Abstract   PDF
Victor Ruzhentsev, Victor Dolgov
Vol 83 (2023): Algebra, Number Theory and their Applications TOWER BUILDING TECHNIQUE ON ELLIPTIC CURVE WITH EMBEDDING DEGREE 18 Abstract
Ismail ASSOUJAA Assoujaa, Siham Ezzouak, Hakima Mouanis
Vol 66 (2016): Applied Mathematics T-superiority and t-norm-based images of fuzzy sets Abstract
Slavka Bodjanova, Martin Kalina
Vol 83 (2023): Algebra, Number Theory and their Applications TWISTED EDWARDS CURVE OVER THE RING Abstract
Moha Ben Taleb El Hamam, Abdelhakim Chillali, Lhoussain El Fadil
Vol 83 (2023): Algebra, Number Theory and their Applications Two disjoint and infinite sets of solutions for an elliptic equation with critical Hardy-Sobolev-Maz'ya term and concave-convex nonlinearities Abstract
Rachid Echarghaoui, Zakaria Zaimi
Vol 79 (2021): Advances and Applications in Dynamical Systems Two non algebraic limit cycles of a class of polynomial differential systems with non-elementary equilibrium point Abstract
SABAH BENADOUANE, Aziza Berbache, Ahmed Bendjeddou
Vol 84 (2023): Progress in Dynamics Equations '22 Uniqueness for an inverse quantum-Dirac problem with given Weyl function Abstract
Martin Bohner, F. Ayça Çetinkaya
Vol 43 (2009): Differential and Difference Equations and Applications '08 Uniqueness intervals and two-point boundary value problems Abstract   PDF
Grant B. Gustafson
Vol 56 (2013): Number Theory 2012 Unsolved Problems Abstract   PDF
Oto Strauch
Vol 61 (2014): Applied Mathematics '14 Using Poly-Dragon cryptosystem in a pseudorandom number generator MSTg Abstract   PDF
Viliam Hromada, Milan Vojvoda
Vol 64 (2015): Number Theory and Cryptology '15 Using SAT solvers in large scale distributed algebraic attacks against low entropy keys Abstract   PDF
Viliam Hromada, Ladislav Öllös, Pavol Zajac
Vol 51 (2012): Probastat '11. Weak consistency of estimators in linear regres- sion model Abstract   PDF
Petr Lachout
Vol 50 (2011): Applied Mathematics and Informatics. Weakly ordered partial commutative group of self-adjoint linear operators densely defined on Hilbert space Abstract   PDF
Jiří Janda
Vol 54 (2013): Differential and Difference Equations '2012 Weakly perturbed boundary-value problems for systems of integro-differential equations Abstract   PDF
Ivanna Golovatska
Vol 63 (2015): Differential and Difference Equations and Applications Weakly perturbed boundary-value problems for systems of integro-differential equations with impulsive action Abstract   PDF
Ivanna Bondar
Vol 76 (2020): Real Functions, Dynamical Systems and their Applications WEYL CURVATURE TENSOR OF HYPERSURFACES UNDER THE MEAN CURVATURE FLOW Abstract   PDF
Ghodrat Moazzaf, Esmaiel Abedi
Vol 80 (2021): Applied Mathematics '20 What was the river Ister in the time of Strabo? A mathematical approach Abstract   PDF
Karol Mikula, Martin Ambroz, Renáta Mokošová
Vol 70 (2017): Number Theory and Cryptology 2017 Wolfenbüttel, a Minor German Duchy but a Major Center of Cryptology in the Early Modern Period* Abstract
Gerhard F. Strasser
Vol 46 (2010): Real Functions '09 Measures, Integration, Harmonic Analysis, Topology and Mathematical Economics wQN spaces and related notions Abstract   PDF
Jaroslav Šupina
Vol 78 (2021): Real Functions '20 ZARISKI TOPOLOGIES ON GRADED IDEALS Abstract
Malik Bataineh, Azzh Saad Alshehry, Rashid Abu-Dawwas
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