Education and employment

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PhD students

Martin Plávala, 2015 -

Research interests

I am interested in quantum information theory and quantum statistics, especially some aspects related to linear algebra, theory of operator algebras, differential geometry and convexity. For more info, see here (a bit outdated).


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  3. A. Jenčová,Rényi relative entropies and noncommutative Lp-spaces II, arxiv:1707.00047, 2017

Recent and selected publications

  1. A. Jenčová, S. Pulmannová, Observables on synaptic algebras, Fuzzy Sets and Systems 406 (2021), Pages 93-106, arxiv:1909.05613
  2. A.Jenčová, M. Plávala, On the structure of quantum and classical implementations of Popescu-Rohrlich box, Phys. Rev. A 102 (2020), 042208, arxiv:1907.08933
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A full list of publications.

Recent conferences

  1. SSAOS 2019, 2019, Karolinka, Czech Republic, talk
  2. BIRS Workshop: Algebraic and Statistical ways into Quantum Resource Theories, 2019, Banff, Canada, talk
  3. Workshop GPT&QIT Generalized Probabilistic Theories and Quantum Information, 2019, Lyon
  4. Quantum Statistics and Related Topics, 2018, Lodz, Poland, talk
  5. Quantum Information Theory and Mathematical Physics, 2018, Budapest
  6. Beyond I.I.D. in Information Theory, 2018, Cambridge, talk
  7. 18th Workshop: Noncommutative Probability, Operators Algebras, Random Matrices and Related Topics, with Applications, 2018, Bedlewo, talk
  8. Three Days in Quantum Mechanics, 2018, Genoa, talk
  9. Quantum Information Theory and Mathematical Physics, 2017, Budapest
  10. Quantum networks 2017, Oxford poster
  11. 14th International Conference on Quantum Physics and Logic - QPL 2017, 2017, Nijmegen, poster
  12. Quantum Information Theory and Mathematical Physics workshop, 2016, Budapest
  13. Beyond IID in Information theory, 2016, Barcelona, poster
  14. ISIT 2016, Barcelona, talk
  15. Noncommutative workshop, Cracow, 2015
  16. Beyond IID in Information theory, 2015, Banff, Canada, talk
  17. CEQIP 2015, Telč, Czech Republic, poster
  18. New Horizons in Statistical Decision Theory, Oberwolfach, 2014, Germany, talk